Nearly a century of collaboration and pioneering spirit.

The purpose of Vatajankoski is to reduce the energy costs and climate emissions of its clients permanently. The company utilises and pilots global technologies locally with focus is on sustainable, intelligent, and emission-free energy solutions.

Vatajankoski operates in three business areas

  • Energy efficiency and circulation
  • District heating and cooling
  • Electricity distribution

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Don’t hesitate to contact us, let’s have a talk. We can discuss about your idea or new technology that we could pilot in a real environment. Vatajankoski has the competence and courage to pioneer new technologies in the energy sector.

Vatajankoski toimii valtakunnallisena energiakumppaninasi.

Vatajankoski did not start as a company. It was originally a community-driven effort to harness electricity from flowing water.

Today, nearly 100 years later Vatajankoski operates with the same approach, people-centered, environmentally friendly, and aiming for the common good.

Vatajankoski is located in Kankaanpää, Finland.